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Creative Collective

Funny Cat Press


Funny Cat Press is a new publishing company with one mission in mind to help the independent author. We want to help other authors through the process of self publishing but give you one great advantage. That advantage is Funny Cat Press where we give you control of your metadata and your work at a price you can afford. Plans are customized to each authors needs and budget. Publishing can be affordable and available to anyone and we can show you how. We are a woman owned small business that contracts local artists and small business owners. Come join our family.

For more information on Funny Cat Press click here

Author Terra Lent


Terra was first published in 1995 at age 7. Since then she has taken any opportunity she could to write; poems, games, short stories, newsletters even resumes. In 2017 she finally had the break through she had been waiting for with Emily Meets A Fairy.


The private studio of Tattoo Artist Tyler Lent

Specializing in:

  • Biomech

  • Organic textures

  • Black and Grey work

  • Abstract Surrealism

  • Custom Designs

  • Cover Ups

Tattooing since 1997 Tyler has been apart of the tattoo world evolving with the art for the last two and a half decades. He has been able to hone his art into a truly unique style to bring you a one of a kind piece of art for your skin. After apprenticing and entering the tattoo world just outside of New York City Tyler continued to grow his art  for a decade in Pittsburgh, PA.  Tyler then spent some time traveling the East Coast before finding the perfect spot to set up his private studio in the picturesque region of Chautauqua, New York. Artigenics is the product of two and a half decades of hard work and dedication especially after the pandemic threatened to squash his dream. Built with his own hands this studio is a true labor of love and it shows from start to finish. Due to the fact that Artigenics does not take walk ins it ensures each customer gets the privacy and one on one attention they deserve.

Click here for Tyler's portfolio, more information and scheduling.

Following the release of Emily Meets A Fairy Terra Released Emily Learns to Fly and a new series was started with Emmybear learns to share.

Terra has more books in both series currently in various stages of publishing along with her highly anticipated adult novels.

Including The Day We Left Earth which you can preview here

Escape Metal Art

Was created by Terra as a way to create something that was more than just jewelry and more than just art. She wanted wearable art. Statement pieces that in times like these can be seen and appreciated from a distance by others and can brighten up your dresser when not getting worn.

The Art Shop

By Tyler Lent

The Art Shop is the place to go if you would like to purchase The Art of Tyler Lent.


Love your tattoos and want more art like it? This is the place to go.


Dying for a tattoo but can't get here yet? Here is where you can find the prints Tyler has available.

Tyler love to work in the multi-medium realm. Many of his pieces are done using pointillism with ink and watercolor.


Bio-mechanic and organics are his favorite realm to create in but with his unlimited skill set he can always surprise you with what he will come up with next. The world around him often inspires him to create something new and unexpected.

All prints are signed, numbered and printed on card stock.


Sugar N' Spice Boutique

By TerrAfying Creations

TerrAfying Creations Started in 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA as a way to express unique style as an adult with funky hair clips often referencing classic movies or TV shows. With over 500 clips in stock as long as you like a simple bow your bound to find something you like. If you join our site there is a members only store with hundreds more clips available.

ليس لدينا أي منتجات لإظهارها الآن.

ليس لدينا أي منتجات لإظهارها الآن.

ليس لدينا أي منتجات لإظهارها الآن.

ليس لدينا أي منتجات لإظهارها الآن.

ليس لدينا أي منتجات لإظهارها الآن.

ليس لدينا أي منتجات لإظهارها الآن.

T  nT studios

Creative Collective

We are a husband & wife team who love to create & want to share our creations with the world. 


This is a site full of art, unique accessories & creations, books both kid and adults, reviews and so much more. We have a young daughter who inspires many of the crafts and some of the home DIY projects that will be highlighted in the blog section.

Products can be found on individual pages. All products are also listed in the store with more extensive search features available for you.

If you join our site to receive emails when we have sales it opens up a members only section of the store with even more awesome accessories from some more familiar places.

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